Singles Cruises and Other Great Opportunities for Group Travel

Affordable Budget Cruises has the best deals in group travel such as singles cruises, family reunion cruises, Christian cruises, wedding cruises and more, and are waiting to set you up on the greatest cruise lines in the world.

We customize group travel specifically for you and what you want to do. Everyone is different, and major cruise lines have recognized this by tailoring their options to match the preferences of different travel groups.

No matter what the occasion, going on a group cruise with friends, family or associates is a whole lot of fun!

Any reason is a good reason to have a group cruise! Whether it is for:

Wedding Cruises

Family Reunion Cruises (family, military or school)

Social group, such as Singles Cruises

Club Cruises (social or sports)

Organization Cruises (community, volunteer or non-profit)

Affiliation, such as Christian Cruises (church, dance, fitness group)

Professional (business meetings, sales teams, seminars, company events).

All you need to qualify for group rates is a travel group with a minimum group booking of 8 staterooms.

Holland America Cruise Lines offers the option of not just group reservations, but also group cruise charters. Disney Cruise Lines promises travel groups a magical vacation starting with 3 day cruises or longer. Carnival Cruise Lines commits to provide all travel groups with the best quality and entertainment possible.

All cruise lines offer different group rates for travel groups. There is a huge variety of custom events and packages available to travel groups, such as singles cruises, family reunion cruises, Christian cruises, wedding cruises like private cocktail parties, customized shore excursions, spa packages, free internet access, complimentary wine with dinner, private pool parties, live music and so much more.

Let us help you find the best group rates for your special event by recommending the cruise line that will best suit your travel group and preferences. Visit our travel booking website.

Our expertise will provide you with the assurance and knowledge that your group cruise, whether it is for singles cruises, family reunion cruises, Christian cruises, wedding cruises, will be exactly what you want. Whether you’re looking for a 3-day Mexican group cruise along the Pacific Gold Coast, or perhaps a 14- or 21-day Hawaiian group cruise to track migrating whales, or a quick trip to Alaska on a luxury liner - we will plan it as carefully as you would yourself.

You can always trust Affordable Budget Cruises to provide you with the most unforgettable vacations at simply unbeatable prices.

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