I Had A Blast!

by Missy G

Royal Caribbean, Caymen Islands & Mexico

I went for my first cruise last spring. This cruise was my daughter's graduation gift. We went with 3 other Moms and 3 other daughters. We had so much fun! There was plenty to do on the ship for the girls, all 18 years old. Us Moms found plenty to do ourselves. There were also lots of activities that the 8 of us enjoyed together.

Our cruise went to the Cayman Islands and to Mexico. We all had breakfast together each morning. Then the girls usually went to the pool to find other teenagers to hang out with.

We moms spent one morning in the spa, which was very nice! I had the best massage of my life there. Another morning we took dance lessons. We laughed so hard! We also played bingo and relaxed in the hot tub. We enjoyed lunch by the pool.

We would meet up with the girls for dinner every night. The food was wonderful! We had lots of choices each night, and there was something for everyone. We tried things that we had never had before. I have heard about cruises with poor food, but this was like fine dinning every night. You could eat as much as you wanted. If you had a hard time deciding, the waiter would bring both. We often had 2 desserts. The waiters were also lots of fun, they seemed like our friends by the time the cruise ended.

The days that we spent off the boat were an adventure. We shopped in the Caymens and went to a coral beach in Mexico.

The most fun for all 8 of us was the night time activities on the ship. They had what they called "game shows". These were interactive competitions that usually involved everyone present. We laughed and laughed. It was great spending this time having fun with our daughters. I thought that they might think it was lame, but they looked forward to it every night!

After the "game show" was over, they went to the teen club and danced with other kids their age. We Moms went to the adult club a couple of times, and other times we went to try our luck in the casino. My daughter was shocked that I came to the room later than her on most nights.

I just can not express how much fun we had. I recommend this cruise to anyone who likes to have a good time.

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